We promote a new relationship with food that is based on a balanced, low fat, no refined sugar added, inspiring, delicious and creative way of thinking food.

With great enthusiasm and motivation, Simple Health Kitchen desires to inspire more sustainable and healthy lifestyles by improving the food industry and therefore the perception of people about healthy eating, introducing guilt-free delicious dishes, which are simple, nutritious and positively enhance people’s mind, body and soul.


Being a kid in the late 80’s and 90’s was an incredible experience. That was a time when nutrition was a lot of fun. Fizzy and sugary were the only adjectives applicable to soft drinks and food was also very colourful! How can we forget how Billy Bear Ham were filling our sandwiches with their face?!

However, there was no interest on the consequences that those kinds of food could have over kids’ health. Something I realised much later as I was growing up and getting interested into sports.

In fact, at some point in my life when I started playing rugby professionally I understood that my body needed the right food and balance of nutritional elements to function properly.

That is why, having dedicated my life to sport and well-being, in 2015 I founded Simple Health Kitchen with the first store launch in January 2016, in the heart of the City in London, at Watling Street. We then opened the second store in June 2017 in Baker Street and the third store in January 2018 in King William Street.

The main idea was to create not only a health-conscious company but a new food concept. Our aim is to feed people with real food and let them experience the authentic taste of natural ingredients.

Most of our food is either vegan or vegetarian, high in proteins and low in carbs and fats. We never use butter, margarine or other saturated fats. Sometimes just a bit of extra virgin olive oil that is good for your cholesterol and loaded with antioxidants.

Our chicken, turkey, salmon and other proteins are all locally sourced and fresh. We don’t buy frozen and we patiently marinate to extract the best flavours out them!

Our cooking procedures are simple and natural, to allow all nutrients to be entirely kept and to feel the original flavour of our high-quality food. We would never fry our food and we mainly use ovens to cook our food.

Simple Health Kitchen is not just a place where to get great food, it is a concept, a lifestyle!

I founded Simple Health Kitchen to dispel the misconception that health food had to be boring. I wanted to create an environment where the customer could walk into the store knowing that anything they choose is good for their health and at the same time has a great taste.

Bradley Hill

Bradley Hill

CEO & Founder of Simple Health Kitchen